About the Palm Network

The Palm Network is an EVM-compatible Layer 2 and the home of sports, arts and entertainment onchain.

The Palm Network Today

Live since 2021, Palm is a Layer 2 network on Ethereum using Polygon’s infrastructure, supported by the Polygon and Consensys teams. Today, the Palm Network supports some of the largest projects in sports, arts and entertainment. DC Comics, Major League Baseball, and world-renowned artist Damien Hirst have all chosen the Palm Network as their trusted partner for their NFT projects.

Over 1m wallets | Over 4.5m NFTs | 0 Defi activity to date

The Road Ahead

The future is a chain of chains. Use case-specific chains provide superior experiences and increased control and agency to creators and users. By supporting a wide spectrum of intuitive tools, broad-scope projects and engaged users on the Palm Network, we enable sports, arts and entertainment companies to leverage the full potential of NFTs, web3 and decentralized technology.


The Potential

True digital ownership NFTs and web3 participatory communities have changed the way both artists and brands deepen and strengthen interactions with fans and consumers. We’re seeing increasing applications across fine art, ticketing, loyalty, gaming and collectibles. And while that groundwork has been laid on the Palm Network since our inception, we’re constantly refining our existing processes and dreaming up new applications to expand the ways that sports, arts and entertainment connect with their communities onchain.

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